Workshop Ideas

Here are ideas for using the Digital Entrepreneurship book in a shorter workshop format:

In 45 minutes to an hour, introduce the basics of digital entrepreneurship from Chapter 1. Have the audience quickly choose their own business idea from one of the five simple types. Show them how they would complete a one-page digital business design on their own.

In 2 to 4 hours, introduce the basics of digital entrepreneurship, and have the audience choose their own business idea. Then have the audience complete their own one-page digital business design, using the tips in Chapter 3. Lead hands-on exercises for some aspects of the digital business design. Quick activities include searching for competitors, finding a search phrase with the right amount of traffic, and finding available domain names.

With one or two days, have the audience complete a one-page digital business design for their own business idea. Walk through as many of the steps for prototype building as time allows. Connect the prototype to web analytics, following the instructions in Chapter 8. (This workshop could be combined with a follow-up event one to three months later, where participants report on the results of their first attempt at digital entrepreneurship.)

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