Links for Chapter 7: Business Prototype Features

—language translation using Google Translate.

—easy to use contact forms.

—more powerful page and post editor.

—advanced security plugin.

—caching plugin to speed up site loading times.

—easy to use site backup and recovery.

—Google map widgets.

—site updates broadcast to a Slack channel.

—add live chat using Zendesk.

—visual page builder for editing complex page layouts.

—add social media share buttons to any content.

—display the most popular posts.

/—integration with service that includes many features, including a related posts widget.

—publish advertisements from the Google AdSense network.

—create a business directory and review site.

—add review capability to any post.

—create a full featured social media site.

—display a PayPal Buy Now button.

—create an online store with shopping cart.

—add a live chat feature.

—connect a site with a Shopify online store.

—allow site members to create full profiles.

—allow members to log in using their existing social media accounts.

—allow content to be restricted based on paid membership.

—display opening hours for a business.

—add a frequently asked question list.

—collect email addresses and use MailChimp to send newsletters.